Industry Pioneers
At R.E. Lee International, we pride ourselves in the innovation and expertise that has made us a leader in the life insurance industry. For more than 60 years, R.E. Lee has delivered life insurance solutions for our valued clients, providing protection for their family and business needs. Our firm has a broad perspective and international scope, with clients situated in more than 65 countries around the world. Our international clients are affluent high net-worth individuals,
families and business owners, with unique needs that cannot be met with locally-available insurance products. We provide the highest quality and competitively priced life insurance available in the international market.
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  • World Class Service
    Our global staff at R.E. Lee International is comprised of lawyers, certified public accountants, chartered accountants, chartered life underwriters and certified financial planners. We collaborate with experts in international taxation, insurance, law and finance to provide our clients with service and expertise to tailor individual plans.
    R.E. Lee International has strategic locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Shanghai, Zurich and Seattle. We travel to meet our clients from these regional offices. We are fluent in many languages and familiar with local customs and appropriate structures for insurance solutions. R.E. Lee International provides customized life insurance solutions that are tailored to meet each client’s individual needs, with a global perspective and international scope.
  • What We Do
    R.E. Lee International offers a suite of Jumbo Life Insurance products featuring death benefits in excess of US$10 million. These policies have exceptionally high cash value during the lifetime of the insured individual.
    Jumbo Life Insurance policies are designed specifically for high net worth clients to protect their wealth. Policies are purchased in a structured transaction that allows the utmost in confidentiality, ideal for wealth protection and international estate planning.
    Jumbo Life Insurance policies are issued by top-rated international insurers that are regarded as the strongest financial institutions in the world. These insurers consistently earn top ratings from independent rating services such as Standard and Poor’s and Moody’s. Because of the financial strength of the insurers and the high policy cash values, private banks are able to finance the insurance premium using the policy as the primary loan collateral. This has become an exceptional tool for our clients to leverage insurance coverage and build wealth.
    Our insurers recognize that affluent individuals enjoy a lifestyle that qualifies them for better premium rates and much greater amounts of insurance coverage. R.E. Lee International obtains life insurance protection that meets our clients’ needs and fits their highest standards.
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  • What is Estate Planning
    Estate planning is a fundamental part of planning for financial security. Our clients work their entire life to build businesses and wealth. A good estate plan will protect and preserve wealth for many generations. Estate planning is focusing on the future – making certain the hard work of our lifetime is protected and preserved.
    The need for estate planning increases with larger and more complex business and family situations. Tax planning is often a key factor in planning decisions. Large estates rarely survive three generations of inheritance transfer due to the forced sale of assets to pay tax and settle debts. Families who wish to retain wealth for future generations need to plan for the smooth transition of assets from one generation to another.
    One significant challenge to effective estate planning is the availability of liquid assets. Most large estates involve illiquid assets, such as a closely held business or real estate. Inevitably, the forced sale of an illiquid asset to settle an estate will result in a loss. It is never ideal to sell a business or real estate to settle an estate.
    Life insurance is the most cost-effective vehicle to create liquidity for estate planning. Life insurance provides cash when it is most needed, enabling families to retain valuable assets rather than a forced liquidation. The insurance premium is only a fraction of the death benefit, which significantly reduces the financial impact settling an estate.
    R.E. Lee International has provided innovative estate planning solutions for our clients for more than 60 years. Our Jumbo Life Insurance policies provide the most cost-effective way to create the foundation of a solid estate plan. We help our clients fulfill their dreams, protecting and preserving wealth for the future.
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  • Who Are Our Clients
    R.E. Lee’s clients are business owners and global entrepreneurs who have created wealth and wish to preserve it. Many of our clients own a family enterprise, where adult children take on important functions. These businesses often employ multiple generations. It can become difficult to plan for business succession if some of the children are not employed by the family enterprise. Good estate planning will ensure that children are treated fairly.
    Many of our clients are professionals who have excelled to the top of their field of expertise. These include medical professionals, management consultants, information technology professionals, investment managers, real estate investors, and many other walks of life. The common theme for all is to create and protect wealth for future generations.
    Increasingly, our clients have children and grandchildren who chose to study and pursue careers internationally. This is an exciting and rapidly evolving theme of the interconnected world. However, it also can present challenges. When families become dispersed to different locations, different tax and regulatory issues must be considered. The need for liquidity becomes greater than ever when dealing with family members scattered around the globe. R.E. Lee International provides Jumbo Life Insurance in a tailored structure suited for these complex situations.
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Core Values
At R.E. Lee International, we take great pride in our heritage as pioneers, leading the way with new ideas and solutions to meet our clients’ needs.
Life insurance is a long-term financial vehicle. We are committed to our clients for life.
The clients’ needs always come first. R.E. Lee International has built its reputation on always doing the right thing in all interactions with clients and business partners.
Life insurance face amounts are typically over $20 million for each policy, and may exceed $100 million. R.E. Lee International values the necessity of precision in large financial transactions and sets the highest standards.
Heritage and History
  • 1954
    Mr. Robert. E. Lee enters the life insurance business in the United States
  • 1979
    R.E. Lee opens a local brokerage office in Hong Kong, its first international office
  • 1994
    R.E. Lee International begins writing jumbo life insurance for international clients throughout Asia
  • 2000
    R.E. Lee International places its first jumbo case over $150 million on one life, ultimately placing more than $400 million on 3 family members
  • 2003
    R.E. Lee International opens its Singapore office
  • 2010
    R.E. Lee International opens an office in the DIFC of Dubai, UAE
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